our roots

Valley Supply Co-Op, Water Division, opened for business during the Great Depression in 1938. The founders saw a need for dependable water for the farmers, and drinking water for families. Determination and true grit spurred The Valley Co-Op water division, into setting a foundation for today’s business structure.  

In 1979, The Valley Co-Op acquired new ownership and a took on a new name. Valley Pump was established with Jim Alcorn as President. Jim’s vison and steadfast dedication to quality over quantity produced a standard that can’t be matched and cultivated a household name.

In 2016, a new chapter was opened for the Valley Pump Inc. Joe and Alex Alcorn succeeded their father, and gradually took over the reins. Joe and Alex have an invested stake in Valley Pump and they have the tenacity to take Valley Pump and propel forward while maintaining as a pillar in the industry.

The Alcorn Boys grew up in this industry. They can remember carrying pipe wrenches as young boys for their Father out in the field. The boys took so much pride in belonging to something that was greater than them. They were eager to get mud on their hands, sunshine on their face and the satisfaction of getting water to their customers. Every day they spent in the field next to their Grandfather and Father was an adventure and educational. They received hands on education from the men who laid the groundwork for this business.  Today, Joe and Alex serve the company in multiple facets, working together as a Team caring for the company that their family built.

It started as a family business and continues as family business. The Alcorn Family is honored to serve you and proud to treat you as our extended family.

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