May 1st, 2018 

Hi, this is Lee Turner on Vashon Island. Please pass this email on to Jim.  Hi Jim, you may not remember me but you’ve been helping me with my well stuff on Vashon Island, off and on for probably 30 years. I came in the other day again seeking your assistance and was met by a tall robust young man with clear and honest eyes. I knew immediately he must be your son. He has your home spun realness and genuine desire to help.  I am sure you are proud to have him as your predecessor.  Well, to be perfectly honest I was sad that you weren’t there but I’m genuinely happy for you to have moved on to an enjoyable retirement. I’m writing this because I wanted you to know how much I valued your help throughout the years and although we never interacted very often, I always felt somehow fuller after having spent a little time with you and I’m sure that’s true of others as well. Unfortunately there are far too few in the world who have your moral character.  I don’t usually write something like this to people but actually did feel effected by your honesty and genuine concern for what I needed each time I came in. So thank you again for being there for all those years.    


Sincerely, Lee Turner / Vashon Island